Welcome to the Beaverton School District's Leveled Books Database!

Search this database for books leveled using the Guided Reading, DRA, or Lexile systems. In addition to reading levels, this database is searchable by title, author, publisher, reading level and other criteria. To search for a book, click the link below.

Beaverton School District Leveled Books Database

This database is a work in progress. The search interface and database structure were updated in April, 2010 to bring the database up to current and reliable technology standards. The content was not updated at that time. New titles will be entered over the course of the 2010-11 school year and beyond.

New search fields such as DRA Level, Lexile Level and Writing Traits were added during this interface upgrade. However, titles entered prior to this upgrade will not contain data in these fields. Until new data is added, searches by those fields may result in no hits. Please be patient as we begin to add new content to this resource and give it time to grow.